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This is the fun part. Ripping open the box and hooking everything up.

Really, I love this part. This is where you’re still excited about getting cutting the cord and getting a new toy. So let’s go over really briefly how to hook up your new Android box or streaming device.

  • Step1 How to hook it up

    It’s only two connections really – three in some cases.
    First is the HDMI cable. There’s usually one in the box. If not, you can find one on Amazon here. Don’t get fooled into buying some super expensive, shielded HDMI cable with gold plated connectors for $50 or $100. Just stop. Plug the HDMI into the back of the Android box and the other end to a open HDMI port on the back of TV.
    Find the Amazon Basics cable for however long you need it and you’re done. You shouldn’t pay more than $1 per foot for the cable, Walmart is always a go to. If you have a lot of corners that you have to squeeze around or an angry cat that likes to chew wires, then and only then opt for a braided cable. Otherwise, cheap is good.
    Second is the Ethernet cable. This one is optional. You can go wireless and that’s OK. Ethernet is faster and if you’re going to be streaming 4K, then you need all the speed (bandwidth) you can get. If you have the option, go wired Ethernet. If that’s not an option, you can still go wireless.
    Personally, I like to get a flat ribbon Ethernet cable. They take up less space and you can hide them easier. There’s no difference in performance. As long as you go with at least Cat 5e, then you’ve essentially future-proofed your wiring.
    The final connection is the easy one. Power. Find an outlet and plug it in. Just don’t overload your power strip and set the house on fire.

  • Step 2 Plug Your Box in           Take the Power Adpater out of the wraper and plug it into a power outlet (use surge protector)  if you have one. Plug the other end into the back of the Android box.
  • Step 3 Choose your network   Before you can do anything else, you need to connect to the Internet.
    Some manufacturers make you chose how you’re connecting the device before you even get to the home screen. If I’m being honest, I think that’s the way to go and more manufacturers should do it that way. If yours doesn’t, then you’re going to need to do it manually.
    Head on over to the Settings screen and click on Network. From there you’ll be able to turn on Ethernet or Wi-Fi and select your network.
  • Enjoy!
How to use Cinema Pro

To search for movies/or TV shows on cinema Pro

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Select VODPRO and press the OK button
  3. Wait and let cinema pro sign you in and take you to the home screen
  4. Look in the top left-hand corner and you’ll see a four-line menu
  5. Press the left arrow key and you will see a soft gray circle of pure around the menu button press the OK button and you will see a menu pop up on the left-hand side
  6. You will see TV series then movies favorites in history, you can select TV series and see all TV shows, you can press movies and see all movies that you would like to search through and find one to watch
  7. If you would like to search you will see a circle with a line on the bottom which is right looks like a magnifying glass and that is your search option highlight the press OK and a keyboard will pop up. When a keyboard pops up you can type in whatever movie that you’re looking for it is a wildcard search so you can type a portion of what movie you’re looking for, then press the return button on your remote control located on the right side of the remote in the middle and press it. Press the left arrow key and you will see a list of TV shows pop up in a drop-down menu then scroll with the down arrow and pick your movie and press OK and you will see all the posters appear.
  8. select and highlight the poster of the movie and press OK, you will see movies sources populate on the right hand side.
  9. You will see some with the down arrow and then you will see some that have no down arrow I recommend that you select the one with no down arrow and play the movie